Tuckshop Reunion Reflection

I had the privilege, although I did not know it at the time, of volunteering to be a part of the tuckshop reunion.  The reunion called for all our tuckshop ladies to reunite and celebrate their lives but mostly their involvement in Saint Marys College. 

The morning proved to be a jelly bean jar of emotions.  There were old friends missing and therefore tears, jokes bought laughter, but the underlying, overwhelming theme was joy. 

As a Saint Mary’s student I had often thanked our volunteer tuckshop ladies but I have never really considered their reasons for attending.  Obviously, I thought it was all about us, assisting the college and feeding the boys; what I saw on this morning was the true essence and spirit of these women.  I also did not imagine the true number of volunteers, over two hundred ladies attended and that is not all of them!

Thank you ladies, I think you were all noisier than us – but I’m glad I was there.

Now when I order my Pie in a Bun I will remember the love, friendship and compassion that are its main ingredients.  

Jacob Montafia


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