Students Take a Stand Against Bullying

Students at St Mary’s College have taken a stand against bullying. Every student enrolled at the College has signed an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy, with the understanding that St Mary’s College is a community free of bullying. In fact, St Mary’s College is a place where every student is accepted and respected for his dignity and worth.

As a community, we believe that the fundamental values of respect, acceptance and compassion toward our fellow brothers and sisters guides and influences, all that we do.  Regardless of cultural background, talents, interests, language and ones’ unique characteristics, all members of the St Mary’s College family are treated equally and with the respect they deserve. Acceptance of these values would clearly mean that harassment (or bullying) of any nature is unacceptable amongst the St Mary’s College community.

St Mary’s College has an alive and active Bullying Program which provides training for students and staff to eliminate all forms of bullying and has proactive measures to address bullying if it occurs. College Captain, Ben Choice, believes ‘that bullying is a part of our society, however, at St Mary’s College it is addressed quickly and eliminated fast.’

We encourage our parents and the wider community to stand with the young men of St Mary’s College and SAY NO to bullying!

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