Spirit of Catholic Education Awards 2017

Queensland Nominations for the 2017 Spirit of Catholic Education Awards

One of our long-serving staff members of St Mary’s College was nominated for the 2017 Queensland Spirit of Catholic Education Awards. Mrs Robyn Chantler has dedicated many years of service to St Mary’s College and was honoured by Toowoomba Catholic Education at an official ceremony last Thursday afternoon and again at the College Assembly on Wednesday morning. Mr Tony Buckle, a respected Old Boy and the Maintenance Manager of St Mary’s College, was recognised for 30 years of service - as was Mrs Catherine Gillespie, Exceptional Learning Curriculum Leader. Mrs Carol McGuire, St Mary’s College teacher librarian, was recognised for 35 years of service in the Toowoomba diocese. Many thanks on behalf of the St Mary’s College for your dedication and commitment.

The following students were also recognised on a special assembly with their Spirit of Catholic Education Awards:

• Year 12 – Tristan Bazant – Winter Sleepout and Youth initiative as a leader, Edmund Rice Camp training, initiating and instilling active Christian values.

• Year 11 – Patrick Inglis – Winter Sleepout, Edmund Rice Camps training, Leadership engaging the College community.

• Year 10 – Nicholas Kuhnemann – Leading, assisting others, engaging the community and showing Christian values.

• Year 9 – Diarmad Campbell – Reflecting the Edmund Rice tradition.

• Year 8 – Dean Conway – Conanti Corona ‘striving for the crown’.

• Year 7 – Lachlan Debel – Showing the values of a leader.

• Year 6 - Jacob Morgan – Being aware of those around us who are in need.

• Year 5 - Ethan Payne – Supporting his brothers. 

Congratualions to all award recipients.

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