Road Safety Concerns

In my time as Principal at St Mary’s College, I have entered into three concerning conversations with three different Road Crossing Supervisors regarding the driving patterns of our parents and friends in both the morning and afternoons when dropping and picking up their children each day. The concerns are not from an authoritarian stance but rather from a safety angle. In other words, all three supervisors are concerned that a major car accident involving  a child is sadly a very real possibility. Concerns of our Crossing Supervisors include:

  • Kerb crawling;
  • Stopping in the middle of the road to allow a student access to a car;
  • Children running between cars to reach the footpath;
  • Cars parking on the footpath and driving on the footpath on Hill Street;
  • Cars stopping in no standing zones;
  • Cars stopping in bus zones – so buses stop behind them with their rear end on the road or on the crossing;
  • Cars queuing across the pedestrian crossing.

Unfortunately, these indiscretions occur most frequently and are exacerbated on wet days which is even more dangerous.

Dear Parents, Please be sure to adhere to all road rules not just because it is the law but rather to keep your own and other children safe each morning and afternoon. Any car accident involving a child would be devastating. In anticipation, thank you.

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