RACQ Docu-Drama

On Thursday August 21, two St Mary’s Senior Drama students (Jack Hickey and Thomas Bach) took part in a graphic dramatisation of a serious road crash, highlighting the potential dangers of getting behind the wheel, in the hopes of saving teenagers’ lives.

The Docudrama program, sponsored by RACQ, is a real-life crash scenario that was played out in front of the Year 12 St Ursula’s students. Jack and Tom portrayed their challenging roles maturely, believably and with much emotion as staff and students from the St Ursula’s looked on in silence.

“The girls were all affected by what they saw, and having confident and well-prepared actors makes the scenario so much more effective” said RACQ Education Officer, Karen Bradbury.

This performance provided Jack and Tom with a ‘real-world’ example of how Drama can affect people emotionally and change lives for the better.

“We want the Docudrama to make a lasting impression on the students so they take the responsibility of driving seriously, every time they get behind the wheel.” said Docudrama developer and presenter Barry Collis.

I congratulate and thank Jack and Tom for volunteering their time and skills towards such an important community event.

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