Primary Snapshot

This week the students in 6W have been consolidating their knowledge and understanding of Term Three’s work by undertaking various assessment tasks.  The students are currently:

  • advertising a healthy meal deal in the form of a poster;
  • creating a colour self-portrait;
  • conducting a scientific experiment investigating the best conditions for mould growth; and
  • designing an animation to resolve a moral challenge using the program Go Animate.

Students will also be completing a Mathematics test and be writing a persuasive text in class next week.

The students have been working very hard on these tasks and as a celebration of their hard work, the students will be displaying their animation and art work in the final week of the term.  Please come along and enjoy the exhibition.
Date:  Tuesday 18 September
Time:       6.00 pm
Where: The evening will begin in 6W classroom to view the animations and then move to the St Mary’s College Art Gallery.


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