Our Interconnected Creation

On Friday 19th August, St Mary’s College staff listened to an address by Jacqui Remond, the Director of Earth Care Australia, who presented her take on Pope Francis’ latest encyclical titled “Laudato Si” (Praise be to you). As an Edmund Rice Associate School we embrace this encyclical in the spirit of the Edmund Rice touchstones, “The respect and dignity for each individual and Mother Earth”. “Laudato Si” asks every person living on the planet, yes, you and me, to care for creation, our common home and take collective action as we face global environmental degradation. She invited all present to partake in real, open, reflective and unbiased dialogue with each other, discussing ways in which we can inspire and encourage each other, by our actions, to embrace a new lifestyle to respect creation in this, our ‘throw-away’ culture. Jacqui reflected on the following areas with our teachers from this encyclical: the fragility of Earth, that everything in the Earth is interconnected, that technology is but one way to find a solution to world problems, seeking new ways of understanding economic progress, valuing each creature, questioning our throw-away culture, asking leaders to commit to effective global agreements on climate change and engaging in honest and forthright debate so as to leave our world in a better place for our children. Jacqui concluded the day by challenging each person and each school, including St Mary’s College, to devise ways to protect “Our sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us….(2)”. We have since addressed these issues with our student body at the College Assembly and at our Student Representative Council meetings to discover practical responses to sustain and care for our Earth here at St Mary’s College.

Let us pray that all members of the St Mary’s College family embrace this encyclical, a powerful moral and spiritual imperative for environmental and social action. May our positive response to “Laudato Si” unite and mobilise St Mary’s College students, staff and parents and the whole global Catholic community. Amen.

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