Night of Notables

Year 8 students successfully and brilliantly showcased their work and talents at the recent ‘Night of the Notables’ held in the stadium on Tuesday, 6th of June. Visitors to the exhibition of entrepreneurial expertise were enthralled with opportunities to speak in person to Sir Winston Churchill, Cleopatra, John MacArthur and other notables, reincarnated for the evening.

While all performances were outstanding, some were quite startling and memorable. Fred Hollows demonstrated the effects of cataracts, whilst Mother Teresa and Saint Francis of Assisi updated us on their life’s work. Norgay Tenzing, Sir Douglas Mawson and Marco Polo regaled us with the details of their expeditions. Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh delighted us with their masterpieces whilst Julius Caesar provided an indulgent banquet for his guests.

Gourmet delights for the evening were artistically presented. However, it was noted that the offering of some Notable’s food was more favourably received, evidenced by the empty plates; perhaps even some notables have appetites!

Congratulations to the Year 8 students and all the teachers and staff involved for a memorable evening that continues the example of excellence set by the efforts of previous Year 8 classes.

Check out more photos from the night here.

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