This year, we have been fortunate to have Miss Mika Namba as our Japanese Language Assistant.  Mika has provided invaluable assistance in the Japanese classes, working with the students to improve their language skills and helping me to develop language and cultural activities.  Special thanks to the Gaggi and Nassar families who have hosted Mika during her stay in Toowoomba.

Mika will return to her university studies at Seinan University in Fukuoka and when she graduates she plans to become an English teacher.  We wish her well on her return and every success in her future career.

Host families are needed for our new assistant, Miss Aya Marumoto, who will be arriving in Toowoomba after the Easter break.  Becoming a host family is a wonderful way to learn about another culture and language, as well as assisting the visitor to become familiar with our Aussie lifestyle.  Please contact Mrs Robyn Topp at St Mary’s College if you are able to assist.

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