It's In Our DNA

“We were made to be God’s children. It is in our DNA,” Pope Francis proclaimed to the world on May 15th 2016. Even though the world has become more secular; even though there has been a drop-off in Christian Church attendance; even though one can be excluded for believing in Christianity today; even though a Christian faith is becoming a faith among many other faiths in the world today; even though faith has been pushed to the periphery in this our modern world and even though God is not centre-stage any more in many modern Catholic families, our Popes states clearly, that God is in our DNA. God is naturally, part of who we are as human beings. God is love and we are inately called to love others and be loved by others; this is what fulfills and sustains us. The more we realise and recognise that God is in our DNA, the more we will be like him - more loving, thoughtful, giving, sincere, forgiving, heartfelt, trusting, encouraging, empathetic, faithful, hopeful, compassionate, happy, sincere and so on. “He grafts his teaching into our hearts to interiorize it, making it become part of us, flesh of our flesh.”

Over the past two Sundays, the Church has reflected upon the Holy Spirit during the feast of the Pentecost and the feast of the most Holy Trinity. This gift of the spirit which we celebrated is within, around and among each of us, each day, each moment and in everything we see, experience and do. Yes, this DNA in each one of us.

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