Interactive Advocacy Display 2015



The Edmund Rice Advocacy for Change (ERAC) is a concept that focuses on developing students' awareness about Social Justice issues. One of these campaigns for the St Mary's College ERAC was the Interactive Display held on Tuesday 31st March and Wednesday 1st April 2015.

Made to look like a maze, students moved through seven stations that challenged students' beliefs about major issues. "What do you believe?" was the key question posed at the start of the display and at each station the students engaged with the Grade Ten and Eleven presenters as they explored the issues in a variety of formats. Topics included Racism, Third World Poverty and the Hidden Homeless in Australia, War as it is Today and the Detention Centre Experience. At the end of the maze there was a pledge to treat everyone with compassion. This was an optional part of the display that students could choose to sign.

The St Mary's College ERAC is made up of a combination of Grades Ten and Eleven boys who are passionate about Social Justice. The Grade Eleven boys, comprising of Caleb Thomas, Dan Foelz, Jack Daly, Nick Palmer, James Walters, Larry Alonso and Anthony Szostak, developed the main ideas behind the display and the aim of challenging students to question whether their actions mirror their beliefs. They designed the stations with Grade Ten students Chris Godfrey, Heath Dean, Joel Collins, Finn Coleman, Campbell Nassar, Nick Joy, Caileb O'Neill and Tristan Puhakka. Most of the stations were a combination of audio-visual components and dramatic action with student participation a feature of several stations. 

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