Golden Glove Champs

On Saturday 21st May, the St Mary’s college softball team participated in the Golden Glove Softball Challenge State Finals down in the Redlands. Unfortunately, due to outside commitments, two teams had to pull out from the day. Fortunately the St. Mary’s boys had previously beaten both of these teams in the regional finals. This left St Mary’s to face off against Wellington Point SHS in the final. The game went for the full seven innings and ended in a 12 – 8 victory to St Mary’s. The boys played very well and are truly deserving of the title of Golden Glove Softball Challenge State Champions!  Congratulations to the gentlemen on this amazing effort. Thanks are also extended to Mr Robert Anderson, Mrs. Liz Frame and all of the parents and carers who supported the boys and got them to our games. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.



Previous: On Thursday 12th May, the St Mary’s College softball team participated in the Golden Glove Softball Challenge at Kearney Springs. The boys were a little nervous at first (though it could have just been the 3°C temperature making them shiver) seeing as more than half the team was in Year 9 or younger and they were facing teams of mostly seniors! The boys beat Centenary Heights SHS 11-4 and then comprehensively beat Laidly SHS 17-0.

This put them into the final against arch-rival Harristown.  Against some excellent opposition (including 2 Queensland state players) the boys kept calm, collected and ended up beating Harristown 4-2 (with an innings to spare). This is the first time in a very long time that we have beaten Harristown and the boys were absolutely thrilled.

The next step for the team is to compete in the State Finals on Saturday the 21st May.

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