First Aid Incident at the College

On Wednesday 17th February, the media covered a news item on a Science Experiment accident at the College. The exact facts of the incident are as follows:

  • A Year 9 class was conducting its first experiment for the year with an experienced and chemically trained Middle Leader teacher of the College.
  • The boys were given a 20 minute safety introduction prior to the experiment. This included full PPE equipment of lab coat, safety glasses and gloves.
  • An accident occurred when a boy innocently brushed the neck region of another boy with his glove; which may have contained traces of the chemical, Copper Chloride. This was a total accident.
  • The boy had a burning feeling and redness to his neck region, which was treated immediately by the trained College First Aid Officer and later by Qld Ambulance staff.
  • He was taken to Toowoomba Base Hospital for further examination and was released that afternoon.
  • All St Mary's College teachers complete First Aid training and updates annually.
  • The supervision, risk assessment and Work Practise Data Sheets made available to the Ambulance and Fire Officers who attended, was praised at the scene.
  • The boy concerned returned to school with full clearance today.

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