Embrace the Common Cause

There is nothing like being united by a common cause. Just this weekend we witnessed another scintillating sporting event, the amazing feat of the new Australian racehorse champion, Winx, who won its second Cox Plate by eight lengths, making it 13 races in a row and earning $9.3 million in prize money. The crowd, as one, cheered her onto the racetrack and all the way down the straight as she blitzed a quality international field. Then, on Wednesday, I joined the Year 12 boys for their annual retreat. I returned really uplifted having witnessed among these young men, such camaraderie, union, care of one another and sense of brotherhood. On Friday afternoon, the boys returned from their retreat to be greeted by their parents over food, drink, stories and friendship. There was such a positive, proud and loving vibe in the room.

These three events are examples of what really inspires, motivates and enriches us. In fact, the unity among us, as we share a common cause, is what life is all about. We are all energised by loving relationships and often such events remind us of the ‘high’ we gain from being part of such human unity. This is one of the simple messages from the gospel stories – our heritage.

At St Mary’s College, our boys often refer to this as a sense of brotherhood; feeling a sense of belonging, care, interest and pride in the relationships formed and activities undertaken with peers. Brotherhood, or a sense of unity through experiencing a common cause, is a key ingredient and a blessing that the young men of St Mary’s College often speak about and enjoy.

We pray that all the young men of St Mary’s College experience and passionately embrace this sense of brotherhood, unity and common cause. Amen.

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