Edmund Rice Camp

Everyone has a story. Every person celebrates, rejoices and succeeds, but in turn, at times, struggles, worries and is faced with hardships and a need for forgiveness. Sunday’s Gospel, the Prodigal Son, reminds us that at times, we all struggle, that we all require forgiveness, that we all have our own personal stories and worries and that we in turn all need to be empathetic, gentle and kind as we walk with others in their stories.
“Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.” (John Watson)

During the September holiday (Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th September) our senior boys and staff will be conducting an Edmund Rice Camp. These ‘special’ camps provide a holiday experience for young people aged between 7 and 16 who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a holiday. Many of the participants come from what could be considered as marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds. The camps also provide welcome respite for parents and families. 25 St Mary’s College Year 10, 11 and 12 boys will facilitate this camp, with the expert aid and assistance of generous young adult leaders who are graduands from other Edmund Rice Colleges. These young adults freely give of their time and talents which have included training our boys in advance and specifically leading the days of the camp.

I congratulate the St Mary’s College young men who will be generously undertaking these camps over the holiday break. Your efforts for these children at the margins are so appreciated. Well done gentlemen. I also thank our staff involved: Mr Ryan Baines (Campus Minister), Mrs Anna Chantler (TCSO Advisory Teacher), Mrs Rebecca Connell (Edmund Rice Camps Program Coordinator), Mr Brett Rangiira, Mrs Leah Dempster, Miss Christina Marangelli, Miss Rebecca Bastion and Ms Tammy Banks. Well done St Mary’s College.

Loving God, may we as members of the St Mary’s College family strive to always be kind and empathetic to the stories of those with whom we walk. Amen.

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