Certified Safe on Social Media School

This week, St Mary’s College was recognised as the first certified Safe on Social Media trained school in Queensland. Ms Kirra Pendergest from ‘Safe on Social Media’ has undertaken a number of comprehensive programs with our College to enable us to be certified. This program has included: speaking to all boys from Years 7-12, addressing parents at a meeting last night, educating staff at a formal staff meeting, completing an audit of all social media with recommendations to improve its safety with the boys and providing the College with relevant information and safeguards for its Internet and social media usage. We wish to work closely and in partnership with parents to keep your sons safe when managing their digital footprint. For more information and brochures on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube usage contact our 1:1 E Technology Leader, Ms Leah Dempster. We thank Leah for her organisation and expertise in this important safety aspect for the boys of St Mary’s College.

How to report Cyber Bullying - School  Print

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