Bishop's Inservice Day

Friday, 26th July is a Pupil Free Day where all teachers in Toowoomba and surrounding diocesan Catholic Schools will join us at St Mary’s College for our annual Bishop’s Inservice Day. Along with an address by our Bishop, Robert McGuckin DD MCL JCL, we will listen to a reflection by Fr Chris Gleeson. Fr Chris Gleeson is a Jesuit Priest who was ordained in 1975 and was Principal of Xavier College in Melbourne and St Ignatius College, Riverview in Sydney. He also served as chair of the Associated Heads of Independent Schools Australia, was the Director of Jesuit Publications and in 2005, he was assigned later to the Jesuit Parish of St Ignatius Toowong Brisbane. He was the founding director of the Faber CIS and the Santa Teresa Archdiocesan Spirituality Centre. He is well known for his writings, including the following books: ‘Striking a Balance: Teaching Values & Freedom (1993), ‘Canopy of Stars’ (2003) and ‘Releasing the Angel-Saluting all who Strive to Teach’ (2007). He is currently the Provincial’s Delegate for Education. St Mary’s College and all staff from around the diocese are truly blessed to be hearing the reflections of Fr Chris Gleeson. He is a strong advocate and inspiring role model of Catholic Education for boys.


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