Better People - "Values Driven"

Essential to the most successful sporting team of all time is their emphasis on values and the cultivation of a strong culture. The All Blacks, over a 112 year history have won a staggering 79% of their games. In recent years, they have increased their winning percentage from 75% to an 86% record and the last World Cup victory. They claim that the increased success was due to re-emphasising and embracing all their values and ensuring that the resulting culture became a lived experience. Essential to this theory is the statement, “Better people make better All Blacks.” It is about developing character and culture. It is about the power of a value led, purpose driven vision and mission. It is the reminder to be the best you can be. A simple yet visually powerful example of this is the sight of the All Blacks’ captain who after each game can be seen sweeping out and cleaning the home or away dressing room of his team before he leaves.

With this inspirational team and story as our backdrop, St Mary’s College has spent the last term re-imaging and rediscovering its own values and subsequent culture. With strong values and a commensurate culture as a focus, come certain required responsibilities or expectations to enable them to remain a reality. I include an insert of these values and expectations for all boys, parents and staff in this newsletter for your reading and reflection. Together, and in partnership, it is hoped that as St Mary’s College develops an even stronger set of values and cultural base we can enable further improvement in all areas of our holistic education – academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and social, as was the case with the All Blacks as they improved their winning percentage rate. If better people make better All Blacks, better people also make better fathers, mothers, doctors, lawyers, builders, plumbers, salesmen, friends, teachers, parents, old boys and young men of St Marys College.

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