Be Better

Better People Make Better Students, Teachers and Parents.

With the launch of the St Mary’s College expectations for the boys, staff and parents in recent weeks (Newsletter 19th July), we have been reflecting on the most successful sporting team in the world, the All Blacks and their mantra “better people, make better All Blacks.” Similarly, we have discussed St Mary’s College famous Old Boy, Johnathan Thurston and his level of success as a footballer since his life changing police charge in 2010. After this incident he changed by increasing his work in charity, getting married and becoming a father and, at the conclusion of each game, giving his head-gear to a young person in the grandstand. Examples of the effect of this change and becoming a better person, on his overall game, include: Rugby League Boot – Best player in the World (3 times) – 2011, 2013, 2015; Dally M Player of Year – 2014 and 2015; 2015 scored most points in State of Origin history; 2015 captained North Queensland Cowboys to the NRL Premiership; 2015 Clive Churchill medallist; 2015 Australian Sport Star of the Year and in 2015, was named Sports Dad of the Year. Better people make better players, students, teachers and parents.

Recently, I was watching a Life Insurance advertisement at This advertisement encourages its viewers to desire the good things in life: positive emotions, happiness, a deeper understanding, love, things that money cannot buy and a more beautiful world. Being a life insurance advertisement, it was suggesting that life is worth insuring if you live a quality life by being a better person. In being a better person you are more fulfilled in life and and see things in a more rewarding and clearer way. Better people live quality lives.

Let us pray that all members of the St Mary’s College family will achieve more fulfilment and a clearer insight into life by being ‘better people’; people who live the Gospel values. Amen.

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