One of the most touching and inspiring moments in the school year is watching the young men of St Mary's College march with our heroic and esteemed ex-servicemen Old Boys from the College to Rodger’s Oval for our Anzac Day ceremony. Our boys who march with family medals walk proudly and hand-in-hand with our returned Old Boys. This march symbolises respect, brotherhood and a promise that our returned servicemen’s brave legacy and those who went before them, will never be forgotten.

The St Mary's College Anzac Day ceremony will be held this Friday, 22nd April at 8.45am on Rodger’s Oval. If you haven’t attended one before, we encourage you to participate in this moving remembrance of those fallen soldiers who have died for us so that we can enjoy the peace and freedom that exists in Australia today.

To conclude, I share with you the following prayer which was found on the body of a young soldier, killed in action in World War I. This letter is a stark, yet meaningful reminder of the bravery, fear and spiritual side of war. Lest we forget.

“Look, God, I’ve never spoken to you before, but now I just want to say ‘hello’. Some people told me you didn’t exist and like a fool I believed them. But last night I looked up at the sky from a shell hole. When I saw the beauty of the stars and thought how big the universe is, I know these people were telling me a lie.
I wonder if you will shake hands with me when we meet? Somehow I feel you will understand all my failures. Strange how I had to come to this horrible place to get to know you. What was I doing before this?
There isn’t much more to say but I’m sure glad I got to know you today. I feel the zero hour will soon be here. This is going to be a horrible fight. Who knows that I may come to your house tonight?
I’m crying! Fancy, me crying! I never thought this could happen to me. I have to go now.
Strange, since I met you, I’m no longer afraid to die.”

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