Action Against Bullying & Violence

Thursday, 20th March 2014, saw St Mary's College participate in activities promoting the message of “Say No! To Bullying” as promoted by the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  As a College we want to stamp out Bullying and Violence in our community.  We want our boys to be able to come to a school where they are respected and feel safe from bullying and violence.  If a boy feels respected and feels safe he will have the best chance of success.

The College heard from staff and students and all reinforced the message that we do not tolerate bullying and violence here and it is up to all of us to make a stand and “Say No!” when we witness or are a victim of bullying and violence.  The activities included a prayer and presentations on assembly and then, during House Meetings, the boys symbolically stood together and made a pledge with their fellow students to rid St Mary's College of bullying.  The boys and staff then signed a petition to end bullying and completed an online survey.  When this was concluded the boys enjoyed a sausage sizzle.  The boys came together and shared a meal which is a strong symbol of peace and goodwill in our Catholic faith.  The older boys then helped lead the younger students in games and activities as an outreach of friendship.

There is no room for bullying here at St Mary's College.  If you become aware your son or a person you know is being bullied please let the College know so we can help the bullying stop.  Reporting bullying takes courage and an inner strength.  Reporting bullying is not dobbing.  It is helping the whole community become the best it can be.


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