Uniform Requirements

Uniform items are available through Hannas in Ruthven Street, Toowoomba. The College operates a second-hand clothing shop. For opening hours, please view the second hand uniform shop link here, or contact reception.

Academic Uniform

  • Trousers long & shorts - Exclusive College navy with College name (available from Hannas only).
  • Shirt – regulation blue, long or short sleeve. – White for Years 11 and 12 students only.
  • Woollen knitted Jumper - St Mary’s design only (available from Hannas only). Only to be worn with College uniform
  • Tie – may only be removed after morning mentor in Terms 1 & 4. To be put back on before leaving College grounds.
  • Socks – dark for those with long trousers. Navy (with turn-over tops) and College colours, for those with shorts; and garters. Socks must be kept up to the bottom of the kneecap.
  • Belt – black or navy blue only.
  • Shoes – polished black clean lace-up leather (jogger style, canvas, boots, pointed, skate shoes, slip-ons are not permitted).
  • Hat – College broad, brimmed hat. Embroidered (6 – 8mm high in White block font) with name appropriately placed on the outside, unfaded, with no whiteout or colouring, untorn with the crest worn to the front and with no other disfigurement.
  • Senior School (Year 11 & 12) Blazer and Senior Hat – compulsory. (Available from Hannas only) hat to be unfaded, with no whiteout or colouring, untorn with the crest worn to the front and with no other disfigurement-only to be worn with College uniform.
  • St Mary’s College Bag - 2 sizes available. Name must be embroidered on the outside just above the school crest. Compulsory (available from Hannas only). Embroidery is to be 6 – 8mm high in White block font.

Sports Uniform

  • Primary boys wear full sports uniform to College on Fridays. Secondary boys wear full sports uniform on Wednesdays.
  • Sports’ shorts with school crest (Available at Hannas only). Compulsory.
  • College sport shirt
  • Socks – sports socks are to be St Mary’s College Socks or plain white socks only.
  • College tracksuit bottom–pants with St Mary’s on the side–only to be worn with the sporting uniforms.
  • College zip up spray jacket—only to be worn with the sporting uniforms, not compulsory (can wear jumper with tracksuit bottom). Can be worn with the academic uniform when it is raining.
  • Sport shoes are to be lace up, predominately (greater than 50%) white, blue, grey or black joggers, not slip-ons.
  • House Shirt (optional)
  • Sports Hats - The sports uniform includes a broad brim hat. Students can also purchase and wear a bucket hat or cap (to be worn during games only.) No other hats / caps allowed. Available for purchase from the College office.
  • Sports Bag - College sports bag available for purchase from the College office and no other bags are permitted.
  • Contact Sport Specific Shorts - navy with College crest (to be worn during games only) - available from the College office.

Wearing of the uniform and appearance

  • Clean and neat wearing of the school uniform is part of a student’s responsibility in attending St Mary’s College. It is seen as a sign of students’ sense of self-respect, and their willingness to be part of the St Mary’s community.
  • All students are expected to wear full, correct uniform. Students, who are unable to wear any part of the uniform, should have a note signed by parent/carer(s). Failure to wear the full & complete uniform will lead to immediate removal from class until rectified. Students must wear the full uniform in public, not parts of the uniform mixed with other clothing e.g. going home after sports training.
  • Hats are compulsory and must be worn at all times when not in a building. This includes travelling to and from school.
  • Students doing Applied Technology and Design subjects must wear school leather shoes at these lessons at all times.
  • If clothing has to be worn under the school uniform, it must not be visible.

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