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Location & Transport

St Mary’s College, 129 West Street, Toowoomba, 4350

The main College campus is bounded by West Street, Margaret Street and Hill Street. The F.E. Rodgers Oval and Stadium are between Herries Street and Hill Street, adjacent to the main College campus.
The College Administration is located in the Brothers' House and parking is available in Margaret Street.

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Bus Travel:
The Department of Transport and Main Roads, TransLink Division, administers the School Transport Assistance Scheme.  This scheme is one of the largest assistance programmes provided by the Queensland Government, and provides assistance to eligible students travelling to primary and secondary schools.

For more information about the eligibility criteria please visit the below link or contact Darling Downs TRANSLink office on 4639 0727.

Bus Companies Servicing St Mary’s College include:

  • Stonestreets Bus Service – www.stonestreetscoaches.com.au - Servicing all local areas
  • Bus Qld – www.busqld.com.au - Servicing all local areas
  • Hubbards Coaches – 4630 7074 - Servicing Hodgsonvale, Kingsthorpe, Pittsworth/Cecil Plains
  • Gatton Bus Service – 5462 1088 - Servicing Gatton, Lockyer Valley, Withcott

Bicycle Travel:
Students who ride bicycles to the College are reminded of the current law in respect to the wearing of safety helmets.  A secure area is available at the College for bicycles.  Bikes must be placed in this area immediately on arrival at school. The area is then locked for the day.

Traffic Safety:

  1. Be patient. Please. Impatience is the root cause of most traffic accidents.
  2. Do not park within 10 metres either side of any of the College’s entrances. Do not let your car be the one from behind which a child ran out or which blocks the vision of a driver.
  3. Use Hill Street for drop-off and pick-up purposes between 7.30am and 3.45pm.
  4. Ask your son to enter/exit from the left-hand side of the vehicle.

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