ANZAC Day Service

St Mary's College celebrated a moving Anzac Day Ceremony. We invited, thanked and acclaimed members of the St Mary's College family and friends who are returned Servicemen. We were very honoured to have their presence and the boys responded with great respect and awe. We are truly in debt to these men and the many St Mary's College Old Boys who presently serve and the many St Mary's College families who have relatives and friends who served at war. Due to their dedication and courage, Australia now enjoys the peace and freedom that exists today. 

We welcomed back and thanked the following returned Servicemen, Old Boys and friends: Nat Khan, Fr Kerry Costigan, Vince McDonald, Nick Hannay, Joe Short, Justin McErlean, Rod McClean, Jack McCaffrey, Neil Wright, Brian Blacka, Bernie Bom, Mathew Wheatherly, Neal Bravery and Leo Camm. I thank Mr Dan McErlean, representing the St Mary’s College Old Boys, who researched, invited and encouraged these Old Boys to attend

Our ceremony was led by the Auxiliary Bishop to the Archbishop of Brisbane and the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Toowoomba, Brian Finnigan. We are truly honoured to have his presence and continued support of St Mary's College. I thank our Year 12 Leaders who facilitated the ceremony admirably.

Below is a letter read by Year 12 student, Lachlan Desmond-Crothers, which encapsulates the moving and dignified spirit of today’s ceremony. This letter was found on the body of a young soldier killed in action during World War 1.

“Look, God, I’ve never spoken to you before, but now I just want to say ‘hello’. Some people told me you didn’t exist and like a fool I believed them. But last night I looked up at the sky from a shell hole. When I saw the beauty of the stars, and thought how big the universe is, I know these people were telling me a lie. I wonder if you will shake hands with me when we meet? Somehow I feel you will understand all my failures. Strange how I had to come to this horrible place to get to know you.  What was I doing before this? There isn’t much more to say but I’m sure glad I got to know you today. I feel the zero hour will soon be here. This is going to be a horrible fight. Who knows (that) I may come to your house tonight? I’m crying! Fancy me crying! I never thought this could happen to me. I have to go now. Strange, since I met you, I’m no longer afraid to die.”

St Mary's College truly honours our Anzacs and all Servicemen and Women. Lest we forget.

May our loving God bless and comfort all deceased, returned and presently serving Servicemen and Women and their families. Amen.

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